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Ice Fishing in Ontario. ICE FISHING OTTAWA RIVER Nov 2002 3.5 LB WALLEYE, 27 lb Musky, ICE FISHING DEC 2002 OTTAWA RIVER 5.15 LB., Mikes 7 lb Pike, 8 lb musky, ICE FISHING /NOV 2002 / OTTAWA RIVER, Jen submitted this trophy of 1 Northern Pike from a trip that occurred on 2/22/03, ICE FISHING Randy Lieghton 18 lb Pike, JAMES CARRUTHERS /ONCE IN A LIFE TIME DOUBLE HEADER WITH PIKES ON THE SAME TIP UP/JAN 2003, TRENT GILL CREDITED WITH 8 LB PIKE /DEC 2002 / OTTAWA RIVER, Ashlee 7 yrs Jan 8/03 11 lb Pike,

Myron's world and Montana state record saugeye was 15.66 pounds and he caught her through an 8" hole. She girthed 21" and got stuck in the hole at the gills, he just reached under her gills and sucked her on through! She was 32" long. We weren't sure she was a saugeye until gene testing was done by the Montana state university. They did tests on the liver and discovered she is a first generation cross and between 16 - 19 years old. We did purchase a 10" auger immediately after catching her!

ontario ice fishing canada

ontario ice fishing

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