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ontario ice fishing canada

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ontario ice fishing canada

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Ontario ice fishing huts Canada
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ice fishing in ontario
Fishing Ontario the Near North. All of the information you need to start fishing in Ontario - some of the best fresh water fishing anywhere in the world! From northern pike, to walleye, smallmouth bass and speckled trout - in lakes, rivers, or streams.

ontario ice fishing canada
Portable ice fishing hut rentals are available.
Ice Fishing in Temagami From January to March, Temagami lakes are covered in enough ice to support the huge number of people that make ice fishing their weekend escape. Ice fishing facilities, rental ice huts and a bait and tackle shops can be found in Temagami Ontario.

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ontario ice fishing canada

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Let's Fish Ontario!

MNR fishing

Ice Fishing

Ontario Ice Fishing    The fishing regulations outlined in the General Fishing Regulations, the Division/Species Tables, and the "Exceptions to the General Regulations" apply to ice fishing. Please note the following additional information:

  • up to five lines may be used for ice fishing in Labyrinth Lake, including Waterhen Creek (Div. 19) downstream of Access Road bridge (Territorial District of Timiskaming);
  • in most other circumstances, two lines may be used for ice fishing except in some waterbodies in Divs. 7, 15, 16 and 29 (see "Exceptions to the General Regulations"); and
  • you may use a tip-up for ice fishing, but must remain within 60 m (197 ft.) of any line with which you are fishing. At all times, you must have a clear and unobstructed view of the lines being used.

Check for updates MNR Ontario ice fishing

Ice Fish Ontario Temagami Ontario ice fishing

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ontario ice fishing canadaontario ice fishing canadaontario ice fishing canadaontario ice fishing canadaontario ice fishing canadaontario ice fishing canadaontario ice fishing canada

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* Play it Safe! Check conditions before going onto ice. *

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ontario ice fishing canada

Ontario Ice Fishing Ice Fishing in Ontario

Ice fishing is an enjoyable past-time and good source of food for people working and living in the cryosphere.
So lets learn the basics of ice fishing!

What should I wear?

Well, it's always wise to dress in layers when heading out into the cold. That way, if the sun comes out and the weather warms you won't get too hot. Be sure to wear good boots; I suggest rubbers with a felt lining since they're very warm and will keep your feet dry. Snow pants and a good jacket that will break the wind are also important. Be sure to wear to gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm, and a toque to protect your head. Make sure to dress plenty warm though, as it can get very cold and windy out on a lake since there are no trees or barriers to break the wind.

If being bundled up is not be enough to keep you warm, you can always build or rent shelters. These shelters are put right out onto the lake. They have no floor so you can drill a hole right into the ice and fish while being protected from wind and snow.

Now that we're all dressed up, we've got to find some ice. It had better be thick too, otherwise you could fall through and be in serious trouble. So we should head to a nearby lake and check the ice conditions.

How thick should the ice be?

Well, the ice should be about 4 inches (10 cm) thick and be a nice clear/blue color for you and one adult to head out ice fishing. However, if you'd like more people to come along, it had better be at least 6 inches (15 cm) thick. Ice can be tricky and may look sturdier than it is, so always check the thickness of the ice near the shoreline. If you don't know the lake that well it's a good idea to talk to the locals to find out the conditions and dangers. Some lakes have streams running through them that can lead to open or thin ice, so be sure to ask about such things before heading out on a lake.

Now we're out on the ice ready to fish, but we've gotta drill a hole to get to the fish.

Drilling the hole

You've gotta drill a hole in the ice to get to fish, but how do you that? There are a few ways to get a hole for ice fishing, but experts suggest purchasing or borrowing an "auger". An auger is a special drill that is hand operated and made for drilling holes into the ice. The hole should be at least 6 inches (15) in diameter. Be sure to have an adult drill the hole as well.


Now that we have a hole we can start catching fish. There are many different setups for ice fishing, but just an ordinary rod will do in a pinch. Set the hook, drop your line and catch those fish. You can use a lure or stop by a bait shop and pick up some bait.

That's really all there is to it.

If you'd like to find out more about ice fishing:

Ice Fish Ontario!

Credit - State of the Canadian Cryosphere

Ontario Ice Fishing Ice Fishing in Ontario